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It is the unorganized form of business and Most common and easiest whereby the business is managed and owned by only one person i.e. Proprietor. Proprietorship business does not attract laws and compliances thus they are easy to manage. Though the sole proprietorship enjoys the benefit of simplified procedures but is deprived of the many benefits offered by other forms of businesses such as limited liability, separate Legal entity and transferability to name a few.

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    Why Proprietorship?

    Having sufficient funds to fund the business and high risk taking capacity Business not expected to grow much and have little debt liabilities.


    1. Simplicity in business setup
    2. Less paper Work and paper filing
    3. Proprietor is the sole decision maker.
    4. Taxation as individual
    5. Freedom to choose names as it does not get registered.


    1. Unlimited liability of proprietor
    2. Hard to attract investments and business loans.

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