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LEGAdox ASSIST is an AI-powered tool from LEGAVERSE that automates Contract Management process by making it faster and more economical. You can use LEGAdox ASSIST to review, draft or manage your important Contracts and Agreements.
Simply upload the draft you want LEGAdox to review and get the FREE review report in real time!
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Contract Review and Assessment

Simply upload your documents to LEGAdox ASSIST and get a report on it in real time. You can also leave your instructions or queries on LEGAdox ASSIST and it will consult and advice you accordingly.

Contract Drafting

If you want LEGAdox ASSIST to draft an Agreement or a Contract for you from the scratch, simply leave your comments/instructions and LEGAdox ASSIST will get it done for you in provided timeline.

Expert Assistance

Our experienced legal experts having excellent analytical and legal skills are constantly working with LEGAdox ASSIST to offer you premium quality range of services in a cost efficient manner.

LEGAdox ASSIST – A blend of Technology and Legal Expertise

Technology can deliver better results and save both time and money. LEGAdox ASSIST is an AI based tool that helps our clients in assessing their contracts in real time and provides an automated report for the same. Not only this, it also clarifies your legal queries and provides its opinion against any complications, errors and risks involved in the draft. We are amalgamating technology and legal expertise to deliver concise, accurate and persuasive documents to our clients.

Why get Contracts reviewed by an Expert?

To ensure a smooth transaction and no contract disputes in future, successful businesses get their legal documents reviewed before executing them. Contract reviewing is important as it helps in understanding the obligations and liabilities involved in the transaction and puts a check on unethical, illegal and voidable terms and conditions. This not only protects your business from future disputes and litigations, but also saves a lot of money

Covid-19 and Force Majeure

The outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented loss to commerce and business. Business operations have been disrupted and the companies are taking recourse to Force Majeure clauses in their contracts because of the delay and non-performance of obligations. Due to inability to perform contractual obligations, the questions like “How to justify the rights and obligations of the parties in the agreement amidst the outbreak?”, “What shall be the scope of contractual relation between parties to an agreement in lights of the current pandemic?” have arisen. Entering into business contracts vis-a-vis the Force Majeure clause prevents business and enterprises from hefty liabilities which may arise due to non performance of a contract even when the non performance is attributed to a supervening impossibility.