LEGAVERSE Partnership Program

Now you can be a part of the fastest emerging legal-tech platform of the country. If you’re a Lawyer, CS or CA and looking to expand your reach, you are at the right place. Through LEGAVERSE Partnership Program, we are on-boarding professionals from all parts of the country. Our motive is to provide quick and best solutions to our customers through our pocket friendly services. Partners working with us will get continuous ratings from our clients as well as from us. Top 10 performers of every week will have their names showcased on the LEGAVERSE wall of fame. The longer your name is on the wall, the more work you will get.



  1. Priyank Avasthi
  2. Amitesh Goyal
  3. Sandeep Khandelwal
  4. Kaustubh Mane
  5. Kritika Arora
  6. Amol Thengdi
  7. Nishant Johri
  8. Sagar D. Munge
  9. Pooja Sathe
  10. Shweta Raj

Company Secretaries

  1. Chanchal Kothari
  2. Sarvesh Iyer
  3. Deepti Haldankar
  4. Manish Thakur
  5. David T.
  6. Syed Zaveri
  7. Yash Nagpal
  8. Pradeep Kanitkar
  9. Shivani Khatri
  10. Anshul Dighe

Chartered Accountants

  1. Rohit Gupta
  2. Akshay Adamuthe
  3. Prateek Kothari
  4. Deepak Verma
  5. Palak Bhosale
  6. Sandeep Jadhav
  7. Ashwini Pathak
  8. Harsh Boora
  9. Parth Mishra
  10. Nikita Dey

Welcome Aboard!

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